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WHY I BecAme a Mortgage broker

When my wife and I bought an apartment a few years ago, we had the feeling that the market was huge and in-transparent and that we were at the mercy of banks and credit brokers. We wanted to perfectly understand what we were signing. Furthermore, it felt impossible to find help for non-German speakers.
I saw this need and was sure others would feel the same way, so I decided to offer financing for “normal” people, without frills, explained in a clear, transparent and independent way, in order to be able to offer the best conditions and make it easier for people like me to buy property.

What good mortgages look like
(i.e. the one I can get for you 😊)

Good financing is characterized by top conditions and the right structure.

Every mortgage solution consists of several building blocks: In addition to various loans and maturities with respective conditions, there are many subsidy options and risk-free financing agreements with which you can secure the favorable interest rates of today for the future – free of charge.
How the actual “financing solution” is put together is something you can decide (with my expert help) according to your needs and wishes.

Yes you can!

If you are thinking, “But…
I’m a freelancer, I’m a single parent, I have a Blue Card, I live in a temporary rented flat, I am still in my probationary period, I want to buy the flat as an investment and to save taxes, I want to buy the flat and move in myself, I want to modernise the property, I have a loan and want to switch to a cheaper loan, my loan is running out and I want to have a new top loan, I need a flat for my cats to sleep in the morning”;
Almost anything is possible.

What Quality Can You Expect?

When selecting financing, you have access to a 100% independent broker: I have access to over 400 banks in Germany.

I get access to rates via a platform for state-certified real estate loan brokers, a market-leading tool in Germany with a total volume exceeding 10 billion Euros.

More than 10,000 financing transactions are handled annually via this platform, which provides me with the market power of a major financing partner, ensuring me access to extremely good rates from banks and fast-tracking approval.

With me, the entire mortgage process is maximally convenient to you: I offer a 100% encrypted, state-certified secure system for submitting documents.

For example, if you wish, account inquiries can be automatically retrieved via an internal bank system, so that you can concentrate on the financing and the facts rather than the paperwork.

My aim is to completely follow your wishes and make it as easy, understandable and as pleasant as possible for you.

Throughout your entire experience working with me you will find I adapt to your needs. I offer non-binding initial talks via Zoom and Skype, I can be reached 24/7 via Whatsapp and I am happy to come to your home.

Who I am


Together with my partner, who grew up in Mexico and the USA, and my daughter I live in the middle of Berlin. Through her I have learned how expats live in Berlin and what challenges they face with German bureaucracy. Therefore, my offer is also directed to all expats: I make the process understandable, transparent and non-binding. My guarantee: I offer the absolute top rates and conditions on the market: and the whole 100% without obligation. I would be happy to advise you on your financing requirements - you could then compare conditions and make a free decision afterwards. Get in touch, no strings attached!