What happens next?

1. I will send you your estimated individual interest rate, your monthly installments and your maximum mortgage elegibility.

2. I will answer all your questions regarding German mortgages. 

3. Once you have found your dream property, I can tell you the real price as determined by the banks. This gives you a knowledge advantage over other interested parties to negotiate the purchase price.

4. I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out with more detailed infos about your current situation (20 min max.).

5. You will get pre-approved by the banks. I will send you a certificate that you can use to demonstrate your financial eligibility to the seller.

6. I will go through your options with you and explain how we can make us of government funding programs that apply to your individual situation.

7. I will send your preferred financing options directly from the bank or lender.

8. I will be at your side not only until you sign the contract but beyond throughout the lifetime of your mortgage.


I am a certified, independent mortgage broker comparing mortgages from over 430 different banks and lenders. In Germany, the services of a mortgage broker are free of charge for you unless otherwise stated. 

I do not charge you, the banks and lenders pay my fee.