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Understanding the Meaning of Mortgage in German

What does Mortgage in „Deutsch“ mean?

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Let me do some denglish for you. Why? Because it brings fun to all those facts and figures on this website.

Mortgage in „Deutsch“ goes by many names

Immobiliendarlehen, Hypothek, Immobilienkredit are the most common. The word “Hypothek” is commonly understood in daily life but technically not the right translation for Mortgage in Deutsch. So try the first one: Immobiliendarlehen. Tough cookie isn’t it?

By the way, if you liked the translation of mortgage to German try “Mortgagebroker”.

This means in German: Immobiliendarlehensvermittler.

Quite a mouthful! Don’t stress though, you don’t have to be able to pronounce it in order to get a loan. But knowing these terms might be useful.

If you google terms like Immobilienkredit or Immobiliendarlehen you should find in the end what you were looking for and make yourself familiar with the jargon.

Dolce Vita = Deutsche Mortgage?

It sounds like a crazy comparison, but give me a second.

The Italian Dolce Vita means a unique feeling of people in Italy who love good food, enjoy life, nature, and of course a nice glass of wine.

Hence, Deutsche Mortgage is also something special and unique in Europe. But Unlike Italy, in Germany it has something to do with rules and law.

The Mortgage landscape in Deutschland is pretty unique compared to the rest of Europe, because, surprise, there are pretty strict regulations around it.

This is to avoid the risk of financial crisis in the entire banking sector when it comes to investing, taking out credit, or managing funds.

This is why the Deutsche mortgage process is much more detailed than in other countries. Banks controlled by the national authority BAFIN must make sure that the lender really can afford to take out a loan or credit on a piece of property.

Whereas in other countries Real Estate can sometimes be bought with just the hypothek on the house, that doesn’t go well in Germany.

If there was a financial crisis where people lose jobs and cant afford to pay their rates, while also the real estate market crashes. Nobody could pay back their loans, banks would crash and real estate prices would go 3 meters underground. And even if you managed to pay your mortgage, your property would be worth a lot less than what you paid for. This, we do not want.

This is why I Love Deutsche Mortgage. The whole market is highly regulated and pretty safe. If you apply for a Deutsche mortgage and get granted, you can be sure that you are safe to take it. Because Germans don’t make exceptions from their rules.

Even in Europe we are one of the countries with the strictest policies for investment. You could argue it is very conservative and it blocks economic growth and cashflow in certain corners of the market, but the positive aspect is that everything grows in a stable fashion.

Deutsche Mortgage Provider

Typical Providers of Mortgage in Deutschland are of course banks like Deutsche Bank, Berliner Sparkasse, Volksbank, Commerzbank and many more.

If you are looking for a mortgage you are always free to go those banks and ask for a loan.

Problem is: you will need to go to every bank to know which gives you the the best rates for your Deutsche Mortgage.

This is where Immobiliendarlehensvermittler come into play. Immo-what? Right, a Mortgage Broker, like me.

I can compare the rates of more than 400 Banks for deutsche Mortgage and offer you the perfect match for your individual needs and select the best rate for you.

I can offer the best rate because I am just by myself without the fancy glass building, and work with a strong partner in the background, who is the market leader for offering loans. The tool I use for comparing has been two decades in the business and is reponsible each year for loans for real estate worth 10 billions in total. So there is enough experience and having a great network with the banks, while staying independent from them.

In fact, most banks have special teams only to work with my tooling partner –making the whole process a lot faster. Because of this market power is why I can offer extremely fast and yet great Deutsche Mortgage at the same time.

EU blue card in Germany

Is it possible to get a mortgage with an EU Blue Card?

Is it possible to get a mortgage with an EU Blue Card?

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A lot of non-German residents come to the country with an EU blue card, but it is sometimes unclear whether you can get a mortgage with one. Read below to find out what you should know about getting a mortgage in Germany with a blue card.

What is an EU Blue Card?

First, it’s important to know exactly what the Blue Card is. The Blue Card is an approved EU-wide work permit allowing high-skilled non-EU citizens to work and live in any country within the European Union. In order to qualify for one of them you will need to have a degree, a employment contract with a German company and a minimum salary of €50,800 a year. However for those with skills in fields with labor shortages the minimum salary is €39,624 a year.

Once you are approved for a Blue Card, it will be valid for up to four years. It will depend on the length of your work contract, so for those contracts that are shorter than four years it will be valid for less. 

After three years, those with blue cards are able to apply for an unlimited residence permit, which is called an Aufenthaltstitel. For those who have at least a B1 in German you are able to apply for an unlimited residence permit after just two years.

How to get a mortgage with the EU blue card in Germany

There is a lot of confusion as to whether those with an EU Blue Card can get a mortgage in Germany, but the simple answer is, yes they can. There are a few banks that will allow Blue Card holders to get a mortgage, however they do have certain requirements to qualify for a mortgage.

In order to qualify Blue Card holders will need:
1. Some proof of permanent income

  • 2. Enough money for closing costs and for a down payment.
  • 3. A maximum on borrowing: the highest amount that you can borrow is 100 times your monthly net income. If you receive income in currencies other than Euro it does not enter into the calculation.

If all of the above requirements are met then it will be easy to get a mortgage with an EU Blue Card. You will even find that you will be able to get great mortgage rates, as good as those who are German residents or nationals.

 To find out exactly what you can afford to buy in Germany, use this mortgage calculator. 

 If you would like to ask any questions about the process, please do email me at or by get in touch by phone +49176 222 34 333.